Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Using Jing to Teach Students

Jing is a great tool for teachers to capture images of your computer screen. You could then use your images to create instructions on how to complete a project. Students will be able to refer back to the notes instead of constantly asking the teacher, “What do I do now?” I have created a set of directions for my students about how to post on our classroom wiki. 

This free download can also be used to create a screencast. This is a short video clip that you can record of what you are doing on the computer. Another great feature is that you can use the voice-over tool to explain what you are doing. This would be another way to show your students how to do something. They can refer back to it if they have questions. One important thing to remember is that it only records for a maximum time of 5 minutes. I have also created an example of a screen cast to show my students how to create a simple PowerPoint. I was not able to load it to the blog.

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