Podcasting and Vodcasting

Podcasts are audio recordings that can be played on a desktop or an MP3 player. Various items can be put into a podcast such as lectures, interviews, and stories. Vodcasts are video podcasts that can be played in a PC or a hand held player.

These tools could be used for students that are on medical leave. It is a great way to keep them updated on what is happening while they are not able to make it to class.

Podcasting could also be used for fluency practice. Students would be able to follow along with teacher reading a text. They would listen for a consistent pace throughout the text as well as expression in the teacher's voice. After the student has listen to the teacher's podcast, they will then create their own. Students can listen to their speed and expression as they read the text.

ischool.net in Australia uses podcasts and vodcasts on a daily basis.  Here you will find their archives!  It will give you a lot of ideas of how you can use these great tools in your classroom!

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