Blogging is a web page that consists of short paragraphs called posts that are arranged chronologically with the most recent first. Visitors are allowed to comment below an entry. It allows for people (students) to exchange their views on a specific topic. It is basically a conversation between people that contribute to the blog. It can have unlimited readers in a short period of time. A wonderful attribute about a blog is that it can allow individuals to write in real time.

Students could hold a debate over a topic by using a blog. This would be a good means of communication because the students will be able to base their arguments based on what was written by the other person on another group.

Another use for a blog would be to hold a discussion of a book. Students could discuss the plot of the story or how characters change throughout the story. The blog could also be used to compare and contrast ideas or themes in a book to another book that they have previously read.

Reference: What is Web 2.0? Ideas, technologies and implications for education
By: Paul Anderson