Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Classroom Blog

I have created a blog in edublogs to use with my students. This blog will have multiple purposes based on the assignment. I currently have two sections, Social Studies and Language Arts.

Social Studies
Students will go through an interactive site. After they have explored information about slavery, they will create a song and post it to the blog. The class will have access to the blog which will give the students an audience. They will be able to post comments about the songs that have been created. Parents will also have access to the account.

Language Arts
We are required to have a Concept/Question Board for our Open Court Reading series. The blog will be used for just that! This will be a place where students can post any questions, comments, pictures, or web sites about a given unit of study. I would like to communicate with other classrooms in the county to combine our Concept/Question board.

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