Saturday, June 26, 2010

Examples of how Wikis can be used in the classroom

Wikis are a great tool that allow for collaboration between people.  I did find some free sites that allow teachers to set up wikis for educational purposes.  These sites can be made private and they do not allow adds.  Two of the sites that I have found are and  One place that I would like to incorporate a wiki in my classroom would be duirng my Language Arts block.  I would like to have my students set up in literature circles this year. In the literature circle, they would all read the same book and then they would be required to answer questions about the material and pose questions. By using a wiki, they could post their answers and questions, respond to their peers thoughts or questions and best of all preserve this work for the next class to review.  I am still trying to set this page up on my wiki, but it keeps deleting my text!

Below I have listed multiple links of ways teachers have used a wiki in their classroom. They are great resources to get you started on your journey of using wikis in your classroom! The  resources were found at

Ms. Durney's Class- Students worked in small groups to pick up where Billy Joel left off in 1989. They worked together to create the next three stanzas to the song.

ACFT 5th Grade Science Wiki- The class Wiki is a website designed to increase student learning and improve communication with families.

Science Lab Wiki- A collaborative wiki for students to complete their lab reports.


  1. Where did you find these Wiki examples?

  2. The resources were found at